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Friday, February 02, 2007

hello friends hello

I know you all are doing well, even though when i try callying alls yer numbers the serice people say that its set to not take iternational calls. which sucks. Ive tried Luke, Sam, Dave, Pastor Dave, Ben and Jerod. No luck.

I am at a particularly stoich place in my life right now. I;m bored. Im living with my mother... still... ya. 1 job, im gettin more involved with youth leadership, thats been great. Love to put the lovin on the chillins. They need it. people need love. christians and people should totally give it without alterior motive, just give it like God said to, no strngs attatched. i been volunteering for the city and get to hang out with the kids that need love. it awesome.

ill keep tryin to call down there.


Monday, October 09, 2006


The Boat
The Boat at... Ketchican
A shot of the smaller ship, Saphire Princess
Biking down a mountain in Skagway
It gets cold as we (my cousin joel) and i ride down
And it gets even colder, pretty though.
One of the performances by the performance group

... some of the ladies from the performance group (the one with the short black hair on the right is from melbourne and looks like betty boop)

My uncle and some of my cousins on the boat.

Joel Daniel and I.

Supermodel pose 73, before we embark on a kayaking adventure.

Me and Joel before we kayak in the ocean, that is the juneu glacier in the background.

Joels stearing, im paddlin'.

The tour guide. Crazy Alaskans.

We saw the sasquatch, sure the photo is a bit blurry and i cant prove it wasnt digitally altered... but im a believer.

I enter the cruise texas holdem tournament wearing my hat and dark shades.

The dealer from eastern europe.

Dan and Joel

Crystal and I.

Me and the Giant glacier in glacier bay alaska... just chillin.

Well, tis all for now. cheerio.


Saturday, September 16, 2006


my life the past few weeks.
:cruise, super cool, though there were about 10 people my age on the boat of 2700 passengers. my digital camera is busted, yes, busted, so ill be gettin the digital pics from my disposable camera soon.
have 2 jobs, landscaping and deliverin pizza, my tiny town jumped from a population of 18k to 65k in a matter of 2 days and will stay this way for 6 days, tomorow is the last day of the rodeo, but it means we're extremely busy at dominos, its been exhausting.
:been lookin for an excessible fax machine... no luck thus far... it just means i may become a wanted fugitive in the country of australia, long story. (i didnt do nuthin)
almost hit 2 drunk cowboys dressed in black whilst delivering pizza... at night, they stumbled into the road.
thats about it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ericomo de posticomando

¿realmente me siento como la fijación esta noche pero biselo pienso en cualquier cosa decir en todos tan qué yo hizo? ¡decidía fijar en un idioma extranjero! ¡ha ha! ¡cómo excita! ¡ahora ninguno de usted gente amistosa tiene cualquier pista qué estoy diciendo o para esa materia qué usted está leyendo! ¡ésta ha sido aún más diversión que había anticipado inicialmente! hasta la vez próxima mis personas de habla inglesa del compañero... ¡CEXTREMO DE LA ESTANCIA!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

pics from rottnest

this is the trip to rottnest island with me and j, matt garner and the quokkas.

embarking across the indian ocean (its raining and windy)

j and i... and the peacocs, chillin at the bakery.

our friendly qhokka under our chair

our friendly quokka in our trash

J booting our friendly quokka (28.5 meters)

windy day at the west end

an un-friendly quokka, made angry by j's punting, trying to eat the camera


once i figure out whats wrong with my camera ill be posting some more pictures of my hometown and stuff.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

backz again

so i didn't sleep the night before... and the day before the flight; i may have spaced out for a half hour or so between 4 and 5, i didnt sleep during the 11 hour layover in sydney, i didnt sleep during the 14 hr flight to lax, or the 7 hours it took to get home from there (including the layover), and i didn't sleep for the 5 hours i met up with the family and cousins who met me at the airport.
lets add this up...
for the first day i didn't sleep 11-11.......... 24
from 11 am to 430....................................... 5.5
the flight and layover in/to sydney.......... 17
flight and layover in/to lax........................ 16.5
flight to portland.......................................... 2
time spent w/ fam till eventual collapse.. 5
total................................................................ 70.0
its official. a new official personal record for longest time without sleep. and ive already celebrated, how you might ask?? i just woke up from one of the longest natural sleep sessions of my life. 12 hrs, followed by sparatic naps, followed by 10 hrs... of sleep.
since i really woke up, ive gotten my job back at dominos, hung out with the parents, put new tires on my car... or ute... excuse me, and am currently working up the courage to call my friend who is goin over east... far east... to kill him some terrorists.
despite all this i still feel anxious. anxiety is a terrible thing; its like youre worried about something butcha cant put your finger on the issue youre worried about. im still figuring it out. maybe its the prospect/chance of not seeing some friends again... friends around the world (who made a sweetsauce scrapbook for me of memorries that makes me cry a lot), friends nearby about to journey around the world (of whom i have pictures of a wedding i missed that makes me cry a lot). maybe its the fact im not settled into a church, but then im reminded that a church isnt an institution with a building and a pastor, its people who have christ, and i have those around me. i dunno. maybe its reverse culture shock. oh well, it will pass, its nuthin a little prayer cant fix.
its been a while since my last post. i had trouble loading my pics from the trip back onto the computer, so i cant post those... but i have a bunch of pics from rottnest island. J and I went and basically chilled... except for the 18k bike ride to the other end of the island. there was only 1 good looking girl on the whole island who worked at the dome cafe, so there werent many distractions to keep me from chillin out, it was a truly relaxing trip (save the ferry ride over during which i puked my guts out, j videod it with his mobile, sending it to all my friends)
ok. ok. so somehow the pics didnt copy onto my usb drive like i wanted them to... see im at the public library using the internet because mine at home is extremely slow, like, from the time it takes to load up my email i could drive to the library, check my email, and drive home to see the page at 50 percent. i blame it on the cyber terrorists. so ill get the pics up lada.
i love the world... world... i love you all.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


well... not only have i not been posting, i havent taken any new pics as well... but perhaps ill find some old ones i missed.

im using broadband now so it should be quick.

eric just got married. im reluctant in posting any wedding pictures as they may not want them posted... online... as these oline blogs are open to the public.

I feel i must clarify... the SDCG society is the super duper cool guy society consisting of super duper cool people.

heres some random pics.


Ry and E

my espresso

sam and ben